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About Dosbarth Melyn

In Dosbarth Melyn we believe that in order for children to learn and reach their individual potential they firstly need to feel happy and secure in their environment, therefore our class is a warm and welcoming place for our pupils where they can feel nurtured, valued and loved. 

We use lots of positive encouragement and praise so that the children to feel confident enough to 'have a go' at activities even if they aren't sure.


Developing our pupils' independence is a big focus for our class and they are learning many self help skills such as how to take off their coats and hang them up on their pegs independently. The children are also learning how to identify their individual belongings and take off their shoes and put on wellington boots for outdoor play.


We develop and promote turn taking and the sharing of resources to develop social interaction skills and to build friendships.  Developing attention and concentration through engagement and active learning is fundamental to our class. We endeavour to develop the children's interest and motivation to learn through exciting topics and learning experiences. 


Communication is key to everything we do in Dosbarth Melyn and so we use a range of strategies such as gesture, Makaton signing, visual prompts and PECS to ensure that everyone's needs are understood and that everyone has a voice.