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Dosbarth Coch

Dosbarth Coch is one of the main entry points for our youngest children and so our first priority is always to welcome these pupils to Riverbank and help them settle into the new routines of school life, which can be a challenge for all children but particularly for those with a developmental delay.  One of the main focuses is on early learning skills, which include engaging in activities through play and exploration, increasing concentration and motivation and supporting them as they learn how to make choices. Play and active learning are fundamental to our classroom.
 Attention and listening are also key skills necessary for learning, as well as being able to concentrate without being overly distracted by others.  Many of the children in Dosbarth Coch come with a diagnosis of Autism, so we use visual strategies and a calm and clear environment to ease anxieties and make for positive learning experiences.  Our children often also have delayed speech and language skills.  Working closely with the Speech and Language Therapists, we support the children through a variety of different communication methods including using simple language, PECs and Makaton. 


Have a look below at some of the fantastic things we have been doing in Dosbarth Coch this academic year!


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