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We have been learning about Autumn this week and the children painted some lovely pictures of Autumn trees using broccoli heads to paint the leaves. We have also painted some lovely hedgehogs. See if you can spot a hedgehog in your garden and maybe you can leave out some food for it. Check out Cody and the cloud all about hedgehogs.

happy learning!

Helen, Tash and Pat

Hedgehog and Baby Animal Facts For Kids | Codey And The Cloud S1 Ep2

In Episode 2 see real hedgehogs, badgers and cute baby animals at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital with Codey And The Cloud. This educational video for toddler...

Hedgehog craft idea. Can you make a hedgehog like this?

Can you make a hedgehog like this?

'People who help us' topiclaugh 


It's very busy at the supermarket. Can you help serve the customers? 

Click the basket to scan each item. How many did they buy?

Watch and listen to our favourite singing hands song all about firefighters. See if you can sing and sign along to the song.yes

Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

One of our favourite number songs!