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Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Hello I am Sara (Rovea-Franco) and I am very excited to be the newly appointed class teacher in Dosbarth Gwyrdd. I am sure you already know the rest of the Dosbarth Gwyrdd Team, who are the experienced, creative and knowledgeable Teaching Assistants Jackie and Corrinne.  I hope to meet you all soon so we can all work closely together to bring out the best in your child.


Our aim in Dosbarth Gwyrdd is to plan individual learning programmes with set targets that help your child reach their full learning potential. Each day we will be setting up tasks and opportunities for your child to be engaged in and ensure that they are supported and encouraged to further their learning. We will encourage learning through a multi-sensory approach including many new opportunities and experiences.  We also want our classroom to be a happy, fun and safe place to learn.


In Dosbarth Gwyrdd we ensure that we have a total communications approach. We use visual prompts, including PEC’s, Communication Boards, visual timetables and Now and Next Boards. We use Makaton signing and when needed we simplify language to cater for the needs of all children in the class.


As a Team the adults in Dosbarth Gwyrdd will be continuously assessing your child to ensure that they are moving forward with their learning, that they are happy and that we are monitoring their wellbeing and self-esteem levels so we can build on these. 


Take a look below at some of the great learning we have been involved in over the past few weeks: