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My name is Georgina and I am the class teacher, alongside Tammy and Anna, our two lovely teaching assistants! We currently have 10 pupils in our Complex Needs base which spans across 2 classes, all of whom have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD). In Dosbarth Seren, we offer a total communication approach. This means we place a huge emphasis on their communication needs, as many of our pupils also have global speech and language delays, which is often linked with their ASC diagnosis. We support the pupils to develop these skills using a wide range of communication strategies such as Makaton signing, Picture Exchange Systems (PECS), intensive interaction sessions, objects of reference and communication aids such as switches and iPads. 


We are developing the pupils independence and reducing anxieties by using a visual timetable on a daily basis which is individualised to suit the needs of each pupil. We also deliver a structured teaching approach to learning, where our classroom is split in to clear areas with boundaries which link to the pupils visual timetables. This helps the pupils understand where they need to be at what times and reduces anxieties when they can see what is coming next and when their preferred activities are! The learning is split in to an effective combination of group work, circle time, choosing (play and social skills), independent work stations and 1:1 intesive interaction sessions. 


We use a range of de-esqulation techniques, positive language, behaviour prompts, egg timers and reward charts to help pupils understand what is happening and what they need to do. Pupils have bespoke behaviour and engagement plans in order to help engage them with their learning and reduce anxieties. We try to share these with everyone involved with that pupil, including therapists and families in order to ensure a consistant approach and bridge the gap between school life and home.


Lastly, we have a lot of support from our occupational therpaist and speech and language therapists, who have worked closely with the pupils and staff alike in order to create bespoke programmes in order to support the pupils needs. 


Please look at some of the fun, creative and sometimes very messy activities Dosbarth Seren have got up to this academic year so far!