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Healthy Schools

Due to a focus on health and wellbeing at Riverbank School, we decided to start to work towards our next Healthy Schools award.  A new Healthy School’s coordinator has been appointed and we are currently aiming to complete Phase 4 by July 2021. Watch this space! 


Here is some of the progress we have made this academic year:


  • New policies have been created including Food and Fitness Policy outlining the main aims and objectives and explains how the school will achieve them: Within the PSHE, PE, Science and Food Technology curriculum, pupils address diet, exercise and healthy lifestyles.
  • ECO club has been created for pupils and so far been incredibly successful 
  • Ensuring healthy food options, including fresh fruit, are continually available for pupils at snack and lunchtimes 
  • The school continues to develop and maintain a variety of areas, within the school grounds, to create as a safe environment to promote outdoor physical activity 
  • Pupils are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities such as swimming and athletics in competition with other special schools in South Wales
  • SRE at Riverbank is taught within the context of the Foundation Phase and the PSHE Framework for Wales. Lessons on preparing for puberty have been developed in consultation with colleagues from within the Health Authority. 
  • The school now has an e-safety and acceptable use policy. Due to the complex needs of the students, careful consideration is given to the planning and delivery of e-safety awareness sessions and internet access
  • The school now has a designated e-safety co-ordinator.  The e-Safety policy has been agreed by the senior leadership team and approved by the governors. Pupils must have returned a signed consent form before being allowed to use the ICT facilities that involve accessing the internet. Staff are also given clear guidelines in how to support pupils to access the internet safely. 
  • Healthy ‘sharing’ food taster sessions within classes 
  • Healthy eating and food tasting, linked to themes.