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Riverbank PLO

Our Professional Learning Offer

Staff wellbeing and job satisfaction is paramount to our organisations' ethos. You matter, and therefore realising your aspiration and/or just being the best version of you matters.


Within this organisation our vision is for all staff to engage in enquiry based directed and non-directed professional learning activities within the organisation and in partnership with relevant and vested partners.


All undertaken professional learning should aim to empower you to improve as a practitioner. This should be carried out in pursuit of providing an enhanced and appropriate curriculum offer that raises outcomes, as well as focusing on wholistic development enabling our pupils to lead enriched lives in pursuit of the four core purposes.


We want professional learning to be a vehicle which ensures:

1. Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of our provision in pursuit of learners developing as, Healthy and Confident Individuals ready to lead fulfilling lives.

2. Staff have transparent ways to collaborate internally and externally to improve teaching

3. Staff engage in regularly enquiry to continually challenge the notion of ‘what’s possible’

4. Teaching is consistently good-excellent across the school and provides rich learning experiences

5. Teaching keeps pace of the very latest pedagogical approaches

6. Staff are encouraged to undertake action research as part of their development.

7. Staff are emotionally intelligent and work seamlessly together

8. Leadership potential is nurtured at all levels across the school through necessary training and exposure.

9. All staff are treated equally, and everyone’s performance is managed fairly, transparently and supportively through robust procedures.

10. As part of the Western Learning Federation, we at Riverbank School, becomes a ‘learning school’ where we build a culture of growing our own staff


This offer is very much a developing piece of work. Moving forward, the intention is that the document will form a toolkit that staff can use throughout their time at Riverbank, to play their part in securing their own high-quality professional learning. 

Our Professional Learning Offer is intended to outline the strategic approach to planning high quality professional learning in order to address the ambitious targets in our aspirational three year ‘federation school improvement plan’ which filters down into our ‘annual school development plan’. In doing so, the intention is to focus on improving the things that matter to our school whilst also adhering to national and regional expectations as outlined within the national mission.